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Complaints policy and procedures

Islington based Egerton Pharmacy had a set complaints policy and robust procedures to ensure we deal with all complaints quickly and effectively.

About our complaints policy and procedures

Of course no-one wants to expect to have to make a complaint, but when it does Egerton Pharmacy wants to make sure your complaint is dealt with quickly and satisfactorily. Initially please ask to speak with our Superintendent Pharmacist. Alternatively, we operate a complaints procedure in line with national criteria and as part of the NHS system of dealing with complaints. 

To find out more about the NHS complaints procedure, please visit NHS choices.

You can also get in touch with regulatory bodies, such as the Care Quality Commission. 

PALS – Patient Advice and Liaison Service

You can also approach your local Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) for advice. PALS doesn’t form part of the complaints procedure itself but they may be able to resolve your concerns informally or they can tell you more about the complaints procedure and independent complaints advocacy services that are available.

ICAS – Independent Complaints Advocacy Service

If you need advice and support in making your complaint, then you can get assistance from the Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS). They help people who want to complain about the NHS. You can contact ICAS on: 0300 4568349.


To raise an issue with our Superintendent  Pharmacist, please call Egerton Pharmacy in Islington on: 020 7609 2858

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