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Vaccines available in Islington

Alongside our travel vaccination services we also provide other vaccinations to help you keep yourself and your family protected wherever possible. Our vaccinations take place at Egerton Pharmacy in Islington and we will always offer help, advice and information.

A range of vaccination services designed to help keep you and your family protected

At Egerton Pharmacy we care about the people in our community in Islington and throughout the wider area of London. Our pharmacists and staff are available 6 days a week and offer COVID-19 and chickenpox vaccinations, as well skin & allergy treatments and sexual health advice. Contact us for more information today.

Flu Jab

HPV Vaccine - Gardasil-9 Vaccine

Vaccinate against Human Papillomavirus (HPV) here today at Egerton Pharmacy.


HPV is the name of a very common group of viruses. They do not cause any problems in most people, but some types can cause genital warts or cancer.


You can get HPV from:

  • any skin-to-skin contact of the genital area

  • vaginal, anal or oral sex

  • sharing intimate toys

You do not need to have penetrative sex. HPV has no symptoms, so you may not know if you have it.

The vaccination is available to individuals from the age of 9 years old, with valid consent from the patient, parent, guardian or person with parental responsibility. 


Frequency of vaccination is age dependent. If you are 9 to and including 14 years, a 2-dose schedule is needed (the second dose given between 5 and 13 months after the first dose). If you are from 15 years and older, 3-dose schedule is needed at 0, 1, 6 months.


The brand of HPV vaccine available at Egerton Pharmacy is Gardasil-9 and costs £155 per dose.

Other Vaccinations available; MMR (Mumps, Measles and Rubella) and Pneumonia 

HPV Vaccine
Viral Infection Image

Reduce the risk of getting affected by certain infectious diseases. Book a vaccination at, Egerton Pharmacy in Islington, London.
Call: 020 7609 2858

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