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Travel Vaccinations and Preparations

Are you travelling abroad in the near future to a country that is at a high risk for a variety of infectious diseases? If so, Egerton Pharmacy in Islington, London, are here to administer all of your travel vaccinations. If you are unsure of which vaccinations you are likely to need for your destination, please click the button below to view the NHS guidelines.
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Travel Risk Assessment

In order to reduce the wait time in our clinic, why not download and complete our travel risk assessment form prior to visiting us? You can download our form by clicking the button below.

Travel Clinic

We can vaccinate both adults and children against:

• Cholera £22.50*
• Diphtheria, Polio & Tetanus (Single vaccination) £22*
• Hepatitis A £40*
• Hepatitis A junior £30*
• Hepatitis A & Typhoid (combined) £60*
• Hepatitis B £25*
• Hepatitis B junior £20*
• Hepatitis A & B (combined) £55*
• Japanese B encephalitis £80*
• Meningitis A,C,W,Y Including certificate £40*
• Rabies £55*
• Seasonal flu vaccination £9.99*
• Typhoid Vaccination £22*
• Typhoid Oral ( 3 Capsules) £30*
• Yellow Fever (including certificate) £55*

*Prices are per vaccination. More than one vaccination may be required for immunity.
Please allow 6-8 weeks prior to travel for full immunity for multiple vaccinations. Prices are subject to change without notice.
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Wide Range of Holiday Supplies

We stock a huge variety of popular travel products and aids including:
• Insect repellent aerosol spray
• Insect repellent pump spray
• Bite and sting relief spray
• Extra strength insect repellent spray
• Sensitive skin and natural ingredient sprays
• Mosquito plugins
• Sun lotion and after sun
• Tanning and bronzing products

Anti-Malarial Medication

Malaria poses a potentially fatal threat which can, in most cases, be avoided through taking all of the necessary precautions. At Egerton Pharmacy in Islington, you can obtain all of the anti-malarial medication that you require - no prescription needed. Malaria is most commonly contracted after being bitten by an infected mosquito. So why not consider our mosquito repellent medications and equipment to minimise your chances of being bitten?
If you would like help and advice on which countries are at a higher risk for certain infectious diseases, call Egerton Pharmacy in Islington, London today to book yourself in for your travel vaccinations.
Call 020 7607 1046

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