Smoking Cessation

Do You Need Help to Stop Smoking?

Are you looking for help to stop smoking? Here at Egerton Pharmacy in Islington, London, we can help you to stop smoking with the help of the NHS stop smoking service. This programme has been developed by bother experts and ex-smokers to give you the support, advice and access to medicines that could help you to stop smoking.
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Free 'Quit Smoking' Kit

Your free NHS 'quit kit' includes:
• Willpower boosting training exercises
• Quit journey planner
• Free expert help guide
• Stop smoking medication information
• Health and wealth wheel
• Disturbing information guide
• Tangle equipment - to beat hand habits
• Mobile phone app
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Why Quit Smoking?

The NHS advertise a range of benefits to quitting smoking. The benefits include:
 • Stopping smoking lets you breathe more easily
Stopping smoking gives you more energy
Stress reduction
Improved sense of smell and taste
Reduced chances of developing life-threatening illnesses
Do you need help to stop smoking? Get in touch with Egerton Pharmacy in Islington, London today to request a free NHS 'quit smoking' pack.
Call 020 7607 1046

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